Preschool Classrooms

Preschool Classrooms

Elaine Rosi Academy values the opportunity to have a positive influence on your child’s early educational experience. Creative Curriculum provides goals and an objective for children’s learning in all areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language.

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development involves achieving a sense of self and knowing oneself and relating to other people. During the Preschool years social/emotional development is largely about socialization. This is developed by their interactions with peers and teachers. During this process they learn values and behaviors accepted by society.

Physical Development

Physical development includes gross and fine motor skills. Achieving gross motor control involves moving the large muscles in the body, especially the arms and legs, consciously and deliberately. Achieving fine motor control involves using and coordinating the small muscles in the hands and wrists with dexterity. As these fine muscles develop, children are able to perform self-help skills and manipulate small objects such as scissor and writing tools.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to the mind and how it works. When children are learning and problem solving they are developing skills to be purposeful about acquiring and using information, resources, and materials. As children observe events around them, ask questions, make predictions, and test possible solutions, learning reaches beyond just acquiring facts.

Language Development

Language development includes understanding and communicating through words, spoken and written. Children are born with the capacity to communicate with others, verbally and non-verbally. By the time they reach preschool, their ability to communicate thoughts and feelings through spoken language takes on new importance. Language becomes an important tool for establishing and maintaining relationships, as well as enlarging one’s vocabulary, expressing one’s self, and using language to solve problems.

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